The Great Ocean Road

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Last Wednesday, I traveled down the amazing Great Ocean Road: 413 miles in total located just outside Melbourne on the coast of Victoria! The day started at 7 am and we returned around 9. We traveled down the scenic coastline and visited the towns of Lorne and Apollo Bay. Next, we made our way to the Bay of Martyrs, Shipwreck Coast, the Bay of Islands, London Bridge, and the famous 12 Apostles. The 12 Apostles was by far my favorite spot as we got to see some extraordinary limestone rock stacks coming out of the ocean. We also got to see some koalas and tropical birds in the Otway Rainforest. It was one of the most breathtaking and magical days to date!!! Another magnificent day down under. SO glad I got to see the Great Ocean Road and get it off my bucket list. Lots of love.

Meg the Aussie

The Great Ocean Road

P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way Sydney


Hello my Aussie friends! Last weekend, I traveled to Sydney and fell in love with the weather, the beaches, and the people. I saw Darling Harbor, Manly Beach, and the stunning Sydney Opera House. I started the day by flying out from Melbourne to Sydney at 6am. I got to Sydney around 8 and started the day with a run around downtown. I checked into my hotel and explored the surroundings. By lunch, I met up with my Aussie friend, Marcus and he showed me some of the Sydney hotspots and Darling Harbor. That night, we went out to dinner and grabbed cocktails at the Blu on 36th, one of the priciest spots in all of Sydney. We ascended to the 36th floor and got a stunning view of the Sydney Opera House and the city skyline. I pinched myself, it was almost too good to be true! I also had some of Sydney’s famous seafood, mussels, and sushi. The next day, I tanned on Manly Beach and took a tour of the Sydney Opera House, Sydney University, and the Royal Botanical Gardens. It was a beautiful day of about 75 degrees, the weather couldn’t have been any better! It was the most beautiful weekend, felt like a dream! Although I love Melbourne, Sydney won me over and may be considered one of my favorite cities in the world! Sydney stole my heart in more ways than one! 🙂

P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way Sydney

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week was a dream come true! It runs every year from August 28- September 4 and features spring looks, pastel dresses, floral designs, and lots and lots of swimsuits! For a reasonable price of $30 Australian dollars, I was able to see some of the most beautiful looks cross the runway. I received a gift bag and saw lots of posh Aussies! It was one of the coolest experiences of my entire life and can’t wait to try out some of the new spring trends down under!

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week

Melbourne Aces

Day 1 of my internship started today! On day 1, my boss Christy picked me up at the train station and I was introduced to the marketing team and staff. I walked around the community and met with local businesses. What is the Australian Baseball League you ask?

Well…the Australian Baseball League is a partnership (merger) formed between Baseball Australia and Major League Baseball (MLB) in 2008. The ABL was formally launched in 2010, including six city-based teams: The Melbourne Aces, the Sydney Blue Sox, the Brisbane Bandits, the Canberra Cavalry, the Perth Heat, and the Adelaide Bite. The ABL allows for players to play baseball at a semi-professional level during off-season and the league draws players from Europe, Japan, and the United States.


The league is still relatively small due to the large influence of rugby and AFL (Australian Football League) within the country. The ABL’s mission is to “build a sustainable business that inspires and entertains generations of Australians through the game of baseball” and the season runs from October through February. Overall it was a great first day on the job! The field is beautiful, the mission is innovative, and the people are extremely kind! And our logo pays homage to Top Gun! How cool is that? Here’s to a great season, endless hot dogs, and many home runs!

Melbourne Aces

How to Write REALLY REALLY GOOD: Tips and Tricks

Hey blog friends! So my latest installment is a little different from my usual travel blogs. I’ve decided to write a few random writing tips! Now let me start by saying that I am not a perfect writer in any sense of the word. I don’t claim to be an expert or source of authority. Through many years of writing trial and error (sometimes even going through the motions kicking and screaming), I have learned many things which have helped me along the way. A metaphorical backpack of “writing tips and tricks.” With an upcoming Honors Thesis and experience as a Holy Cross writing tutor in the near future, I thought I’d pass some along (cause let’s face it: papers suck and sometimes we all just dread writing…. Am I right?) 🙂

Write a little bit everyday! Blogs, diary entries, groceries lists… it helps with writers’ block!
  1. Each sentence should make a clear statement.
  2. Avoid long sentences (A sentence should not have more than 10-12 words).
  3. Avoid the Abstract (go for the concrete)
  4. Use Active voice (He fought the war vs. The war was fought by him).
  5. Paragraphs should be no longer than 1/2-3/4 of a page.
  6. PARAPHRASE and analyze (use quotes effectively and sparingly)
  7. Use footnotes to back up contentious claims.
  8. READ PAPERS ALOUD! Writing should follow the rhythm of your breathing and flow naturally.
  9. Avoid contractions and cliches (such as practice makes perfect, actions speak loud than words, etc.)
  10. Eliminate redundancies.
  11. All opinions and claims should be rooted in evidence and support.
  12. If you’re not 100% sure a sentence belongs in your paper, take it out!
  13. An intro should provide a roadmap and a conclusion should offer a slight summary linking the paper to a broader connection, context, or claim.
  14. Papers should be both grammatically and visually appealing.
  15. Lastly, EDIT< REWORK> REVISE

Writing is difficult and takes years of practice to effectively master! Writing effectively is the most power tool you’ll ever possess: its gives you power, authority, and creative voice. Unleash the power within! Lots of love. 🙂


How to Write REALLY REALLY GOOD: Tips and Tricks


Oh my! It’s hard to believe I’ve been in Melbourne for close to a month! The city fascinates me and everyday I find something new, beautiful, and intriguing. Often I walk through the city in awe looking at the street performers, bright colors, and interesting people that pass me by. I look at the fashion, the fabrics, and the hues vibrantly pulsating through the city.


Major Trends

  • Denim jackets, keds, scarves, faded jeans, tights, leather, florals.
  • THINK 80s grunge, hipster, and edgy.


Melbourne fashion is different than anything I’ve seen before! In many ways the fashion mirrors the city itself. The trends are bright, colorful, and urban. Many girls wear tights, beanie hats, and leather boots. I sometimes feel like I’m stuck in the 80s (but in a good way!) the girls bring back old styles and memories of the past.
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They wear faded jeans, denim vests, fishnet stockings, hair scrunchies, and flannel tops. Leather and oversized off-the-shoulder tops are also popular! We also see bright lips, heavy eyeliner, and messy, tousled hair. I try my hardest not to break out into songs such as “Jessie’s Girl” and Cyndi Lauper’s cult hit, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.”

I love the fashion styles and the ‘dare-to-be-different’ ethos scattered throughout the city. You definitely won’t see sperries, boat shoes, or Lily Pulitzer here! It’s definitely not mainstream and many of the styles are uniquely different than anything seen in the U.S. It’s hipster, urban, and a little grungy!

With events like Melbourne Fashion Week coming this August it’s not hard to believe why Melbourne is so trendy! What trend is your favorite and what fashion trends do you expect to make a reappearance in 2015?

Upcoming Events:
A Midsummer Night’s Ball (August 12)
Internship at the Melbourne Aces
Melbourne Marathon (October 18)
Hilda’s Day (September 2)
AND more blogs to follow!